Reservation Master

How can Reservation master help You?

Are you running a busy guest house or small hotel? Are you striving to provide your guests with the best service possible but struggling to keep up with bookings and cancellations?

Have you turned down a booking because you thought the hotel was fully booked only to find that you had a free room after all? Or maybe you've double booked a room because staff weren't keeping the paper booking sheet properly updated?

If this is you, then you need Reservation master

Reservation Master is an automated room booking software package which replicates the traditional paper based booking sheet that it replaces.

The manual booking management process is complex and prone to errors: reservations can be lost, or unconfirmed. With a paper system it is difficult to archive and create management information from.

On the other hand, creating an automated solution from scratch requires integrating several packages such as database, spreadsheets and document creation. This is just too much work alongside the day to day business of running a hotel.

Reservation Master is a custom solution for the hospitality industry. No need to spend countless hours creating and testing your own system, or spending thousands employing a consultant to create one for you.

Just one package to install and learn. It is very easy to use and has all the features you'll ever need. At a glance you are able to

  • See room availability on any given date.
  • Add, remove or update a booking.
  • Instantly navigate to the correct week or month. No more scrabbling for bits of paper or flipping through pages to make a booking.
  • Print booking confirmations and guest invoices.

Reservation Master is not just for hotels and guest houses, if you run a dog kennel or cattery business and you want to keep on top of you bookings, then Reservation master is also suitable for you.

In fact any business which loans or rents out resources (cars or vans perhaps) for a period of time could benefit from Reservation master

If you would like to see how easy Reservation master is to use the click here

Reservation Master, has won numerous awards from business shareware repositories, including 5 Stars from, Shareware River, SwiftDownloads, VistaFiles, as well as high praise from and others